Atmosfy: The App That’s Taking “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” to New Heights


Atmosfy – There’s a new kid on the block in the world of food, travel, and leisure discovery – and it’s taking the internet by storm. Say hello to this, the video-powered app that’s making your mouth water and your wanderlust kick into high gear. With a recently closed $13 million seed funding round, this startup is poised to shake up how we explore and experience the best that our cities (and the world) have to offer. Get ready for a wild ride!

The Atmosfy Rundown

What is Atmosfy?A video-first social app for discovering dining, nightlife, hotels, and travel experiences.
Founded2021 by Michael Ebel, former Air Force captain and Meta alum.
Funding$13 million seed round led by Redpoint Ventures.
Content1 million locations across 10,000+ cities in 150+ countries. A new video every 15 seconds!
UsersGen Z is the core user base, but appeals to ages 18-35.
GoalTo be the go-to destination for finding your next great experience.

A Gen Z Dream: Yelp Meets TikTok

Let’s be real – reading reviews is so 2010s. Today’s digital natives crave something more immersive, more authentic, and way more entertaining. That’s where Atmosfi comes in, blending the best of review platforms and social media into one delectable package. Think of it as Yelp meets TikTok, but with a serious glow-up.

Video Killed the Tedious Review

Reading paragraph after paragraph about ambiance and portion sizes? Boring! Lets you experience it all through the eyes (and tastebuds) of real people. Browse short, snappy videos that transport you straight to the molten chocolate lava cake’s oozing finale or the electric atmosphere of that new club downtown. It’s a multi-sensory adventure that’ll have you reaching for your car keys.

A Million Reasons to Get on Board

With a whopping 1 million locations under its belt, spanning 10,000+ cities across more than 150 countries, Atmosfy is a true global citizen. It is its loyal community of content creators that upload a video every 15 seconds – how’s that! – that makes this platform so thrilling to explore and reveal something new.

The Secret Sauce: A Maker’s Joy

Creators are definitely the game changers, who move mountains, in the case of Atmosfy’s speedy growth. The app took benefit of participants to share their burning passion for music and contributed significantly to content for the app. Creators are on At.mosfy posting up to 10x more videos than they do on Instagram or TikTok, giving viewers a non-stop flow of new real content.

Investors Just Cannot Resist It

It is obvious that At.mosfy’s characteristic video, social and discovery solution is the thing investors look for so eagerly. The first $13 million seed round was led by Redpoint Ventures, with the participation of big names like Kygo, Streamlined Ventures, Industry Ventures, Canaan Partners, Village Global, Progression Fund, and Convivialite Ventures.

Annie Kadavy and Meera Clark of Redpoint summarized it that way: “We believe that the future of video-first search and discovery will be social in nature. As many Gen Zs will corroborate, this is true.”

The Atmosfy Advantage

Thus, what makes It unique as when set in the dense forest of food, travel, and leisure apps?Let’s break it down:

  1. Human First: Actually, It represents this craving of people for an authentic, untouched, spontaneous life, which they want to catch every moment. No filter, no staging – just plain and simple humanity.
  2. Personalization Powerhouse: Through distance channeling, cuisine, rate, there are more, At.mosfy offers you a personalized experience corresponding to your taste and location. No more combing through unrelated suggestions, come on now!
  3. The Experience Economy: Coming out of the pandemic, vacationers want to enjoy new experiences, and It is exactly the one who can be their guide. From restaurants to hotels to nightlife, this app has it all.

Atmosfy App: Bringing Experiences to Life

atmosfy careers

At the heart of At.mosfy’s magnetic appeal is its app – a masterclass in blending video, social, and discovery into one irresistible package. This isn’t just another photo-sharing app; it’s a multi-sensory portal into the world’s most tantalizing experiences.

At.mosfy Careers: Join the Experience Revolution

Behind every great app is an even greater team, and It is no exception. This scrappy startup is on the hunt for passionate, creative, and tech-savvy individuals to join their ranks and help shape the future of experiential discovery.

Atmosfy’s Mission: Connecting People to Experiences

At its core, It’s mission is simple yet profound: to connect people with authentic, meaningful experiences that enrich their lives and broaden their horizons. Whether it’s discovering a new favorite dish, stumbling upon a hidden nightlife gem, or getting inspired to book that long-awaited dream vacation, it is all about sparking joy, wonder, and adventure.

Atmosfy Internships: Your Ticket to the Experience Economy

For the up-and-coming go-getters and rising stars out there, It offers a truly unique internship opportunity: a front-row seat to the exciting world of the experience economy.

Whether you’re a code-slinging computer science whiz, a social media savant, or a budding marketing mastermind, It’s internship program will give you the chance to gain invaluable real-world experience while working alongside a team of passionate innovators.


Whether you’re a die-hard foodie, a nightlife connoisseur, or a globetrotting adventurer, It is about to become your new best friend. With its immersive video experiences, unbeatable personalization, and a community of passionate creators, this app is redefining what it means to explore the world around you.So, what are you waiting for? Furthermore, download At.mosfy, get those tastebuds (and wanderlust) ready, and prepare for a whole new way to eat, drink, and be merry!


Q1. What is the purpose of Atmosfy?

Ans-To help discover local dining, nightlife, hotels, and travel experiences through user videos.

Q2. How is Atmosfy different from TikTok?

Ans-It is focused specifically on sharing real-life experiences at businesses and travel destinations.

Q3. What is the motto of Atmosfy?

Ans-It doesn’t appear to have an official public motto.

Q4. Who is the target audience of Atmosfy?

Ans-Primarily Gen Z and millennials aged 18-35.

Q5. What are the features of Atmosfy?

Ans-Short videos, location tagging, content filters, bookmarking, sharing, travel maps, deals.

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