Baarishein Fame Singer : Anuv Jain Height, Biography, Musical journey, and More

anuv jain height

Anuv Jain is a famous Music artist who has produced many compositions that are very easy to relate to. He uses a guitar and a ukulele all the time in his music. He has become a worldwide sensation due to his creativity, intellect, and musical skills. Anuv’s music is mainly streamed on categories of internet music related to OTT platforms.

The listeners on those platforms keep on growing to millions. The fame of “Husn” (2023), “Baarishein” (2018), “Alag Aasmaan” (2020) and “Gul” (2021) both across India and internationally can’t be denied. Which bears witness to this by its top position at the Apple Music India charts in all genres in 2023. Let’s Explore about Anuv jain height, Biography and his musical career.

Biography of Anuv Jain

He was born in a twin-shared home in the city of Ludhiana, Punjab, India on 11th March, 1995. However, unlike him, his sister, Anigha Jain, is a professional Make-up artist. His family played a crucial role in giving support throughout his career, in this case especially during the hard times after his dad Passed away. Anuv had significant help from his father who experienced long-term illness and eventually lost his life. This contributed much to Anuv’s further steps to musical development. 

Anuv Jain Height

Anuv Jain height is about 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of 68 kg which shows that he is physically sound and looks great. He has blessed with a charming personality, which definitely contributes Anuv Jain Height to his appeal as a performing artist.


He schooled SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) from 2013 to 2016, this is where he completed his education at this higher level. While he was in college, he also worked part-time interning at Lowe Lintas Linopinion, a Mumbai Advertising agency. These tasks equipped him with fundamental knowledge before setting off for his music career.

Music Career

anuv jain songs

He has a low – pitched Voice and wrote his first song at the age of 19. Among the numerous faces of the Indian independent music industry. Anuv has stood out for his talent and commitment. He was able to share all the inner feelings that he had during his dad’s illness. These first few moments spent songwriting helped him create the foundations for his upcoming singing career.

Anuv’s formal vintages in the world of music commenced with the establishment of his personal YouTube Channel, Anuv Jain (@anuvjain). On August 12, 2012 that song was released and it was “Baarishein ” starring him. His song ’embedded with the lyrics and melodies that help in taking the emotions beyond the normal range immediately made the audience fall in love with the new artist as it instantly became the beginning of Anuv’s rise to indie music glory.

Awards And Achievements

  • Baarishein (2018): This first song, that was released, was an immediate hit and made Anuv to be a part of the significant people by with regards to indie music.
  • Alag Aasmaan (2020): A song that I hope will win people over by its unusual essence and sophisticated lyrics, strengthening the footing of the existing fan base.
  • Gul (2021): Like many other oldies but goodies songs, the lyrics of this song and its moving melody are lingering in the minds of its audience till now.
  • Husn (2023): This song took the number one position in all genres across Apple Music India and despite the ongoing competition portrayed Anuv’s rising influence and steadily improving popularity.
  • He got the Silver Button from YouTube for his huge fan following and Likes on YouTube Channel.

Interests And Hobbies

At his leisure, however, Anuv is into different things that makeup as his total good health and creative skills. He is a yoga buff, and it doesn’t take him long to restore a healthy physical and psychological state. Besides being dialed into his friends via social media and texting, Anuv also loves to cook and swim, pastimes that help him achieve peace and happiness.

Relationship Status

Anuv’s life events actually mold his songwriting. This allows his tracks to display his true musical self without faking. He doesn’t have a Girlfriend or is not dating anyone right now. Some fans saw His pictures with his Sister and Misunderstood her as his Girlfriend. 

Anuv Jain Net Worth And Income Sources

Therefore, at a current estimate, Anuv’s net worth in 2024 would stand at 7-8 crore INR. To be precise, his income mostly comes from HisYouTube advertisements, songwriting, earning royalties, as well as touring and business projects which are under his music brand.

  • YouTube: Anuv, a YouTuber, has a lot of money since his YouTube channel is loved by many people and his music videos reach millions of views.
  • Streaming Platforms: Fees for music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and others bring up the lion’s share of his income.
  • Live Performances: Besides the cash generated from concerts and live performances at the night shows, I really enjoy hypnotizing the audience with my live replay of all the songs I have.
  • Songwriting: Not only does Anun’s skill as a songwriter enable him to rake in more royalties and bag him additional income through collaboration, he also performs, and tours which helps to attract more crowds to concerts.

Social Media

Anuv is a well known social media personality, where he connects with his fan base and feedbacks them about his music.

  • Instagram: RuleBreaker: Anuv Jain.
  • Spotify: Anuv Jain is a part of it.
  • YouTube: Anuv Jain @anuvjain 
  • Facebook: Anuv Jain’s personal Facebook  


Anuv Jain’s transition from a lone songwriter who was giving expression to his heart by means of the songs an established person in the indie music scene is simultaneously impressive and inspiring. With his music, often described as clearly emotional and not being complicated, he is a world-known and loved artist. 


Q1.How many subscribers does Anuv Jain have?

Ans- Anuv has 1,850,000 subscribers.

Q2.How much does Anuv Jain make per 1000 views?

Ans- He makes approximately $1.21 per 1000 views.

Q3.When did Anuv Jain upload his first video?

Ans- He has had a YouTube channel since August 11, 2012.

4.How many videos does Anuv Jain have?

Ans- Anuv has uploaded 22 videos on YouTube.

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