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Many companies have adopted the RGB UTC Campaign Paramount for engaging its retailers and channel partners. The management of Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd (HCCB) initiated the second chance “King of Crowns 2. O” RGB UTC Campaign 2024 to its retailers and channel partners in some selected states in India. The campaign which was launched on 27th January, 2024 and ended on 29th March, 2024. Especially focused on the sale of Coke and Sprite 200 ml and 300 RGB bottles. In this manner, participants staked for a variety of different prizes. With particular handling codes situated at the rear of the bottle crowns. In this article we will explore more about Utcrgb com.

Utcrgb Com App

The Utcrgb Com app, officially titled “Coca-Cola. “Coca Cola India has designed a promotional tool called the ‘Coca Cola Play & Win Prizes. This is used as a venue for those interested in Coca-Cola products. To be able to join different contests and promotional activities that the company puts forward. Its consumers in a way that the later stand to benefit from different prices and other incentives. The iOS version affords access to the app for users of iPhones. Other Apple devices, while the Android version makes the app compatible with most Google-supporting devices.

Steps To Download Utcrgb Com App

Downloading the Utcrgb Com app, which is officially titled “Coca-Cola: The 5B ad titled “Play & Win Prizes,” is precisely in simpler terms. As you have pointed out that it is an iOS app. You can download it straight through the App Store. If it is an android app, you can also get it straight through the Google Play Store. 

For iOS Users

  • Open the App Store: Go download it on your device, either on the Google Play Store or whichever store that is applicable to the type of device that you are using.
  • Search for the App: In the search bar put it as ‘Coca-Cola: Play & Win Prizes’.
  • Download: As soon as you locate the app you want, click the download option and then you can install the application.

For Android Users

  • Open Google Play Store: Opened Google Play Store on my android phone.
  • Search for the App: Type the words “Coca-Cola” followed by “Play & Win Prizes” in the field provided.
  • Download: Search through your preferred store’s search results and click on the ‘Install’ button.
  • To start with after downloading: you will be able to open the app and get involved in all the competitions.

 Is Utcrgb Com Legit?

Since the prospect of making money is always an attractive notion. One of the main questions for many people. whether the Utcrgb Com application and website are legitimate. Due to the fact that cyber frauds and other criminal activities are rife across the globe. It becomes necessary to ascertain the legitimacy of such sites. Here’s why Utcrgb.Com is trustworthy:

  • Official Coca-Cola Affiliation: The keywords include Coca-Cola India and the website and app’s name, which is, Utcrgb Com. This means it is operated by the company and thus is a reliable source of information.
  • Genuine Contests: The contests and promotions detailed on Utcrgb Com are authentic and their information is current. This company’s social media platform can be used to directly interact with Coca Cola’s customers through incentives like promotions and prizes.
  • Security: This is achieved through security where the app and website ensures the privacy. The users’ details in addition to making contests safe for participation purposes.

King Of Crowns 2. O Contest 2024

King Of Crowns 2. O Contest 2024

The Utcrgb Com app hosts various contests under the banner of the “Coca-Cola. To support this JCPenney designed the “Shop, Play & Win Prizes” campagn. One of the most anticipated contests for 2024 is the “King of Crowns 2. 0 Contest. ” Here’s a glimpse into what these contests offer:

  • Cashback Offers: Customers can get immediate rebates when buying items with Coca Cola products. Another feature is CASH REWARDS adding that consumers cash. Rewards can be cashed in directly through the application via codes mentioned on the packaging. The product produced by the company.
  • Big Prizes: Besides, cash back, such users have an opportunity to win even such valuable gifts as Mobiles, bikes etc. These prizes contribute a big boost to get the consumers involved. Because people are willing to engage in activities that will award them prizes.
  • Regular Updates: With regards to the activities of the app, the updates inform users of ongoing and upcoming competitions. This way, those who take part in the contest are always informed and can take part in many a contest in a given year.

Participant Eligibility

Hanging on the German Denim with a title of The King of Crowns 2. O Campaign was only accessible to Indian citizens who are 18 years of age and older to residents of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, MP, Tamil Nadu, Odisha & Jharkhand. Specifically, the identified anti-suing campaign excluded HCCB’s consumers. Employees of relevant organizers, relatives of the above, sponsors, and agents of the company. But solely focused on retailers and other channel players.

Campaign Duration

Registration of phase 2 of the King of Crowns Championship. Re: O Campaign extended from January 27, 2024, to March 29, 2024. It also means that participants had to complete their work within this time frame. Since anybody that submits the work after the aforementioned days were deemed to have made their submissions invalid for participation.

RGB UTC Campaign Overview

This competition will be taking place between January 27th, 2024, and March 29th of the same year; it is named the King of Crowns 2. 0 CONTEST makes consumers to buy intended Coca-Cola products, look for concealed codes in the packaging. These codes are written on the official campaign website, utcrgb. at www. nicteg. com, where participants can check the validity of the entries and such other other particulars that may be necessary to enable the participants qualify to take part in the promotion.

Prizes Galore

The contest indeed rewards the participants often; the prizes granted include Rs. 10 for every hour spent on the website. Small prizes are awarded on a weekly basis to make the interest persist while a presenter’s team and gold stand out as bumper and mega campaigns – a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

How to Participate

To join in the fun, simply follow these steps:

  • Coca-Cola products that are being advertised should be bought by people to ensure that the campaign is effective.
  • Indications can be searched for scientific codes inside the given packing.
  • Visit utcrgb. com and you will get your codes we have mentioned in our previous steps.
  • If there is any further information that may be relevant for the address, for example your area pin-code number, then give this.

Terms and Conditions

In addition, participants must always read and understand the terms and conditions contained on the campaign website. INCHEON INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL It is also worthy to point out that the contest is only open during the campaign time.

Coca cola

It summoned the King of Crowns 2. 0 Contest on hindustan coca cola is an ingenious platform where a consumer can get involve with the brand best like beverage and can also be a lucky winner of prizes. Given the opportunity to participate with ease and stand a shot at winning the grand prize, the college students are sure to spread the word across the length and breadth of the country through the popularity of Coca cola.

Prizes and Rewards On Utcrgb com

The continuation of the story about the King of Crowns. To attract consumers and create sales hype O Campaign provided attractive incentives such as cashback after every hour, weekly incentives, mega incentives and bumper incentives among others. Here’s a breakdown of the prizes:

Digital Money Cashback Vouchers

The campaign assured participants, except those belonging to Tamil Nadu, the chance to win digital money cash back vouchers valid for Rs 10. Every hour, some people who shop with cash on their cards were randomly chosen to be awarded some cash back, though the number of winners that can be chosen is stated on the campaign micro-site.

Weekly Prizes

Participants in the competition aside from those who are from TamilNadu.The winners were determin using randomizer software in front of an independent auditor and they were post on the microblog on a weekly basis. It was possible for a single participant to get the phone only once during the campaign period. In case of won prizes, they were deliver through courier/ register post within 45 days from the date of the announcement.

Mega Prize

On a different note, out of one lakh participants, six, who did not originate from TamilNadu, emerged winners of the mega prize. A Royal Enfield Classic 350 EFI motorcycle during the climax of the campaign. Prizes were award by employing the randomize software with the agreement of the independent auditor on hand. It include the cost of the motorcycle within the showroom, and the winning contestants had to incur costs such as taxes, insurance costs, and costs of getting the motorcycle register.

Bumper Prize

102 other-second level lucky draw winners were select and exclud from Tamil Nadu state and those who have won weekly or mega anna for gold vouchers worth Rupees 500,000 each. As it will be observe, the bumper prize winners could not participate in getting the mega or weekly prizes.


To repeat, the King of Crowns 2. O Campaign was an experimental marketing strategy used by HCCB. With a view to reach out to one’s retailers and channel partners in the chosen states in India. Thus, using beautiful bundles of dollars, beverages, T-shirts, caps, umbrellas and cell phones. The campaign encouraged the sale of bottles of coke and Sprite besides implementing various attractive incentives to ensure loyalty among the participants.

Despite the fact that the need for the campaign is over. The companies that participated in the promotion got to benefit from the exercise. At the same time campaign that conduct successfully by the HCCB laid a foundation. For any future promotion activities to be held by the firm.

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