How many Kristen Bell tattoos She Will Get? Know The Real Numbers

kristen bell tattoos

Kristen Bell was born in Michigan in July 1980 , United States. She will be 41 years old using 2021. The famous American performer is known for her appearances in movies and TV shows. She was in Veronica Mars(T.v Series), Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When in Rome, Bad Moms, The Lifeguard, and many more. so we lets talk about today  a closer look of Kristen Bell tattoos and more.

Does Kristen Bell have tattoos on her body?

The actress does not have somewhat tattoos on her face and body. You will be surprised to see that the tattoos in the show were a prank video produced for entertaining purposes only. The photographs viewing Kristen Bell covered in tattoos were taken from a sketch for the Funny or Die comedy website.

This is not the first time she has shabby fake tattoos to have some fun with her fans. Kristen pulled off an extra fake tattoo trick through the premiere of Game of Thrones season 6 at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Bell besides her husband Shepard inked faux signals in their chest with the House Baratheon phrase, “Ours is the fury.”

Kristen Bell’s Tattoo Video

In 2012, there were rumours that Bell’s body remained all covered up in tattoos from her head to her feet. A video rose online in which she appeared to be roofed in different types of tattoos. So, how many tattoos does Kristen Bell have? In the video, the actress’s body looks to be covered with 214 tattoos.

Out of the 214 tattoos, she did nine of them by herself. This is fairly a fair sum, and Kristen could easily top the list of the maximum tattooed actresses in the world. The video vitrines her unique style of art and amazing tattoo designs. Each of the fake tattoos on her body has a symbolic sense. Here is the meaning of some of the inscriptions on her body:

In the video, she has Steve Urkel inked on her left shoulder blade then Stefan Urquelle on her right. These tattoos characterize the duality of man.

Foreign language tattoos Her body remained also covered by foreign language tattoos. All these tattoos mean the identical thing, while subtitles reveal the definite translations.

Other Tattoos Of Kristen Bell In Real Life

Her body was also inked through 72 butterflies which are symbolic of the apartheid in South Africa. She also inked the term “Insert gear here” on her neck then she termed it a joke. The tattoo collection included similar items. It had a Willy Wonka photo, a troll with pink hair, a tribal band on her wrist, stars, and an I Heart Windows 95 inscription.

Why does Kristen Bell hide her tattoos?

kristen bell tattoos real

In the video, the Frozen thespian reiterated that she uses a lot of makeup to cover the tattoos. This left her fans speculating why she hides her tattoos. Kristen has time in addition again restated that her husband doesn’t like girls through tattoos. Could this be the reason why she does not famine to appear in public with a tattooed body?

How long does it take to fill up Kristen Bell tattoos?

The video was convoyed by a quote from the talented actress debating how long it supposedly takes her to get complete before a shoot. So, how long does it take for the makeup artist to conceal all the tattoos with makeup? She entitlements that it takes between twelve to fourteen hours to conceal all the tattoos on Kristen’s body.

This income that Kristen has to get up early to get all the tattoos sheltered. After the video, her stylist manages to cover the (visibly fake) tattoos in makeup. So does Kristen Bell have tattoos? She does not consume any tattoos on her body, but she is thoughtful of getting one in the future. The ones in the video are fake, and the video was shaped for humorous purposes only. Inopportunely, some of her fans did not buy the joke using they still believed that her body was roofed up with tattoos.

Movies aside, Katee Sackhoff’s tattoos likewise make her stand out. Her tattoo ideas and meanings are far meek compared to the ones that she displays in Battlestar Galactica. However, they remain correspondingly admirable and thoughtful. Notably, none of her tattoos has been drawn without her carefully the placement as well as the meaning she intends to carry through them.


Kristen Bell’s tattoos imitate her journey in addition to significant life milestones. Each tattoo holds a special meaning, in place of her family, values, and experiences. They are visible reminders of her identity and her cherished influences. They add depth and symbolism to her persona.

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